Jennifer on the Radio

Listen live to Jennifer Wednesdays on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show between 3-5 p.m., EST WNJC 1360 am radio, and which are also broadcast around the world with internet partners.

Jennifer co-host show with Rick Trader Conservative Commandos Radio Show is the bridge linking conservative values, conserving and advancing the principles and ideas of the American Founders, with those of our listening audience, general public, members of government, and institutional organizations. We monitor and research current and past issues, to provide timely, accurate, and relevant information, analysis, and to market Conservative principles to our audience. The Conservative Commandos created the show to help the cause.

The hallmark of the “The Conservative Commandos Radio Show" is an outstanding list of guests who are the true stars of our show. Our guests are like a “Who’s Who” of Conservative politics and thinking.

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