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“When You Get There”
An Autobiography by Jennifer Carroll, former Lieutenant Governor of Florida, 20-year retired Navy veteran, Wife and mother of three children.

The reason for this title is because my life story tells a diverse complex area in which I’ve gone thought being a mother, a daughter, a professional woman living in a male-dominated and working in the male-dominated environment of the challenges I’ve gone through and how I’ve persevered. The person who needs this book is the person that's been struggling against all odds to make things happen and hopefully with my story they'll be able to see that they have the power within to accomplish anything they set their minds to do. The key message is for an individual to understand who they are, to believe in and have a faith, give honor to God, live by His will, be confident in who they are, as well as understanding that they have the skills the talents and abilities to accomplish anything they want and trust in being themselves. And also looking at the glass ceiling to understand that it can be broken and you can achieve and accomplish great things in the professional world. Being a mother being a wife, that an individual like myself can show and demonstrate that it can occur across the board to have and achieve successes in all these facets of life. It is a triumph over the human spirit to believe in oneself, that knowing that you're going to go through hard times, but the hard times that you go through is never the final chapter, that you'll be able to overcome and endure anything that will come your way. That God has giving you the talents, skills and abilities to accomplish anything you put your mind to.