• An Evening With Jennifer Carroll

  • Jennifer Carroll's new book "When You Get There"

  • Jennifer Carroll appears on "Talk Philly" with host Anchor Pat Ciarrocchi to talk about what separates us even in the midst of personal struggle as addressed in her Autobiography and raising a gifted elite athlete.

  • Jennifer's interview with "Community Forum" WZAB 880 AM, about her Autobiography, "When You Get There¡±

  • Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable Legacy Lives On

    Timolin and Casey Cole with the Temptations Review

    Jennifer and Timolin and Casey Cole

    To carry on the legacy of their father, daughters Timolin Cole and Casey Cole established The Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Inc. The mission of generation Hope is to provide music education to children with the greatest need and fewest resources. Money’s raised for Generation Hope provides for instruction, mentoring and resources. The vision of Nat King Cole’s unforgettable legacy will ensure future generations are given the opportunity to learn and experience the joy of music. Generation Hope believes, “that every child should be exposed to music education. Studies have proven that participation in school music has a positive impact on areas considered outside the realm of music including dexterity, coordination, self-discipline, self-esteem, thinking skills, listening skills, creative abilities and personal expression.”

    Recently I attend a fundraiser supporting The Nat King Cole Generation Hope, Inc. Although the event was highlighted by the Temptations Review, students who benefitted from the Generation Hope program were the stars. These students who were once cast aside as unable to learn found joy in music and because of the exposure to music provided by Generation Hope, they found their inner talents and learned to excel academically and musically.

    This is a great program to help our young people be productive in their academics. Financial contributions enable more students who are in need to be exposed to music. Make your tax deductible contributions today at:

    For Information about sponsorship opportunities - contact:

  • Jennifer Keynote speaker at the 2014 Veteran Entrepreneurship Task Force Small Business Forum in Washington D.C.

    Jennifer 2014 Keynote speaker at VET Force Small Business Forum

    Jennifer was the Keynote speaker at the 2014 Veteran Entrepreneurship Task Force Small Business Forum in Washington D.C. Jennifer delivered remarks on the importance of creating opportunities and removing barrier for veterans to become successful entrepreneurs in the federal marketplace.

    Excerpt from Jennifer's speech:

    "…. the government should encourage, incentivize and empower contract officers to improve the acquisition process with new techniques and approaches: such as brining in new vendors, reducing time to decision, improvements of payment etc.

    If the federal government will acknowledge that the acquisition process is frustrating and cumbersome then that's a start, but to understand how to fix it starts with a willingness to look at the acquisition processes from the perspective of a small business owner. Unless government staffers are willing to put themselves in the position of a small business owner, they will never be able to fix the system. If incentives are not in place to bring about improvements from within, then the status quo will remain and contractors will continue to suffer.

    Additionally, small businesses seeking to enter the federal space should not have to apply through various programs and with multiple organizations, submitting similar information to each. This redundancy is costly and time consuming to contractors. Creating a consolidated application for small businesses that would permit them to apply for the special programs such veteran owned, 8(a) or HubZone, through a single application process would remove a burden and reduce the cost to many small veteran federal contractors."

    Jennifer encourages veteran small business owner

  • Jennifer at Leadership Florida Panel

    Jennifer was a panelist on the 2014 Leadership Florida Class XXXII Program—Discussion of ‘Stand your Ground’ provision in Florida’s Justifiable Use of Force Law. Jennifer served as the Chairperson of 19 member Citizen Safety and Protection Task Force. In 2012 the Task Force made nine recommendations, plus three additional submissions from Task Force members, to the Governor and Florida Legislature on changes to Chapter 776 Florida Statute Justifiable Use of Force, Stand Your Ground provision. The recommendations were based on considering over 16,603 pieces of correspondence, 711 phone calls, 64 comment cards, 160 public personal comments at the Task Force meetings and over 30 documents received from subject matter experts. Based on the information received, the Task Force provided recommendations to bring uniformity, clarity training, and equal application of the law. The Task Force also recommended funding the University of Florida to complete a comprehensive study to thoroughly and accurately assess the impact and determine if any correlation exists between the increase in homicide and violent crime and the Stand Your Ground provision.

    Leadership Florida’s mission is to develop a common vision and a statewide commitment to excellence by providing a non-partisan, non-parochial perspective about statewide topics of concern and opportunities while encouraging interaction among the state's leadership.

  • Jennifer speaks at 2014 Black History Month

    A Decade of Celebrations
    We've celebrated Black History Month at the District Headquarters office with a program for over ten years. In 2014 we thought it fitting to spotlight the past ten years while celebrating this year with the Former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll. Very special thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of each program.

    The Honorable Jennifer Carroll graced us with her presence and wowed the audience with her infectious smiles and candor. She shared some of her life stories from childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

    She is definitely a true example of an American Dream comes true. She came to the United States from Port of Spain, Trinidad West Indies as a young child with her adoptive parents.

    In sharing her life experiences, the audience could see through their "mind's eye" the rearing by her parents, some of the decisions she made for herself and meeting her husband Nolan Carroll and the building of her family with three children, Nolan II, Nyckie, and Necho.

    Former Lieutenant Governor Carroll amazed us when she talked about her military duties as a former Navy jet mechanic and naval aviation officer. She shared some of the adversities she faced and also shared with us one in particular where there was a difficult experience with co-workers which she described as a "teachable moment."

    She was Florida's 18th Lieutenant Governor, the first female and the first Black person elected to the position statewide. She was a small business owner, a state legislator for seven years, former Executive Director of Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs responsible for over 1.8 million veterans. She retired from the Navy after 20years.

    There were many accolades to share in her biography and a lifetime of information as well. She is currently working on her autobiography. You can learn more about the Former Lieutenant Governor, The Honorable Jennifer S. Carroll by visiting her website at:

  • Jennifer encourages foster children at Myron Role summer camp

    As an adopted child Jennifer can personally relate to foster and adopted children. Jennifer spends time mentoring and giving inspiration to young people from all walks of life about how special they are to be chosen as adopted children. She helps instill in them a sense of pride, belonging, hope, love and self-confidence.

  • Jennifer motivates students at Green Cove Springs Junior High School

    Speaking to an assembly of Junior High School students in Green Cove Springs FL, Jennifer educates students in civics, giving them a firsthand point of view of the different branches of government and how government works. Jennifer was accompanied by the school principal, the school superintendent and local elected officials.

  • Jennifer visits with elementary students and encourages them to do well in school

    Jennifer pays a surprise visit to an elementary school to present an award won by a student who chose her as an essay subject. The student was overwhelmed that the Lieutenant Governor would personally visit her. Jennifer took time to open the floor for questions from all students and shared some of her life experiences with them.

  • Jennifer reading to MLK Elementary students

    Jennifer reads to elementary students at Martin Luther King Elementary Tallahassee, FL. Jennifer is a firm believer in giving her time to mentor and educate young children. As a mother of three, she understands the challenges of our youth and tries to bring a different outside excitement to educating students as she volunteers.

  • Jennifer collects clothing for the homeless

  • Jennifer meets with youth cadet troop in South Florida