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Adding to her repertoire of Accomplished Beautiful Lady, is Lieutenant Commander in the Navy, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Florida, and now Author. Her Autobiography, "When You Get There," is a fascinating read that takes us on a voyage from Trinidad to America. It provides insight into her life as she negotiated the choppy waters as an immigrant and an adopted child. She traveled through the ranks in the Navy as a black woman negotiating the waves in a male dominated career choice. She launched her skills for the people of Florida as the Lt. Governor, riding the waves, tossing her to and fro, but she was holding tightly to the master who whispered, "Trust me until we get there." A great story of overcoming. Ruth Stafford, Author

I had the pleasure of reading your autobiography, and I am now pleased to briefly share my impressions. Your book had easy readability and a good flow from one topic to the next—one time period to the next. Some of the specific events you chose to recall for various stages in your life were not necessarily major events but nonetheless provided a flavor and perspective on the nature of your circumstances at the time, while not going into unnecessary detail. I suspected that, just by the nature of things, you probably experienced much more sexual harassment in the military and more discrimination in civilian life and your political career than you thought necessary to cover in your narrative. That kept the story predominantly a positive one for your readers. All of us have some adversity to overcome in life, but you faced and overcame more adversity and situational disadvantages than most of us, and yet you maintain a good and positive attitude and retain your faith. Rick Surratt, United State Army and former Deputy Legislative Director for Disabled American Veterans

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