Joy Smith, Mid-West Women Veterans Association

Jennifer Carroll was an excellent and motivating speaker, able to adapt to meet the theme of our event. She received excellent ratings on EVERY post-event survey with several comments: "Jennifer has really inspired me!" "I have found my inner power thanks to Jennifer Carroll," "She hit the nail on the head," and "Jennifer really opened my eyes."

We couldn't have asked for a better keynote speaker. She was able to engage the entire audience, drawing them in and making them want more! Thank you Jennifer for helping make our Annual Event a huge success!

Natacha West

A MIGHTY WARRIOR who will always be victorious! When you were inaugurated Lieutenant Governor, that date in history was your stepping stone to the greatness God has called you to be! Go forth and look back only to see how far you have come! It was a blessing for me to have been present to witness this great moment in time. You are a kindhearted person who always looks out for the needs of the other person. A woman of integrity and pose who goes beyond the call of duty.

George R. Jackow Sr.
Former Chairman of the Republican Party
in Osceola

Honorable Chelsi P. Henry, JD

Jennifer and I met in 2010 when she was running for Lt. Gov. and I was making my first run for political office, Duval County Soil and Water Conservation District. Over the course of the past few years, I have grown to admire Jennifer's boldness, courage and perseverance. During my time as an elected official, she was always a call or text away to help me navigate the waters.  No matter the issue or question I would bring to her, she always amazed me with a well-thought out, sensible response. She has helped me grow personally and professionally because she always challenges my thinking and reasoning. She is forward-thinking, wise and selfless.  

Watching Jennifer has taught me to be comfortable in my own skin especially in politics, give back to those who are coming along behind you, and never give up on your life's mission. I'm blessed to have Jennifer as a friend and mentor.

Clarence V. McKee, Esq.
President, McKee Communications, Inc.

From her outstanding career in the Navy and dedicated public service as a member of the Florida Legislature and as Lt. Governor of the State of Florida, Jennifer Carroll’s life can be characterized as representing selfless commitment and dedication the principles and causes she believes in. Whether it be assuring that Florida’s space industry remains vibrant, bringing more jobs to Florida, increasing business and employment opportunities for women and minorities, fighting for diversity and broadening the base of the Republican Party, or creating scholarship and educational opportunities for Black students, Jennifer Carroll has been there, done that, and will undoubtedly do even more. She served this nation with distinction for 20 years, battled the good old boy network in politics and government and often was the only Black paving the way. A few of her accomplishments in that regard:

Worked for continued funding of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU’s); Securing funding for the Black Business Investment Corporation (BBIC’s)to increase the state’s Black business pool; and, Utilized her influence to prevent vetoes for FAMU’s pharmacy in Crescent City and other programs impacting Black Floridians.

As Chair of Space Florida she aggressively pursued opportunities to secure and grow a wide variety of space and aerospace-related ventures in Florida. In the international area, she headed trade missions to South Africa and Trinidad with the objective to promote better trade relations and bring more jobs to Florida.

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Roy Lyons
US Navy Chief (Retired) & wife

Jennifer is a woman of great intelligence, civic mindedness, moral standing and all around outstanding human being. Having known Jennifer for many years, I remember, as Chairman of the Republican Party of Clay County getting a call from a soon to be retiring Naval Officer asking how she could get involved in the party. WELL, involved is an understatement! She soon became a leading force in the party's political machine and has proven to be the greatest asset Clay County could have.

Jennifer has represented Clay County as a legislator and then served as Lieutenant Governor of Florida. Jennifer has a nonsensical outlook on life and has raised three outstanding children, who have all gone on to be responsible citizens as an example of their parent's values and guidance. As a speaker, Jennifer is very compelling and credible. She gives a facts-are-facts logical types of speeches and leaves her audience both thoughtful and contemplating her powerful messages. Personally, I have called upon Jennifer many times to assist in different functions (i.e. speaking, helping set-up, contacting certain people, interviewing students or even giving positive messages to the youths), and she has always, without hesitation, agreed to assist in any manner she could. There are so many positive things I could personally attest to about Jennifer, but I chose to make this short, as it could run for pages, but in essence the one thing anyone can do is meet Jennifer just ONE time and it will be obvious the type of motivated and caring person she is.

My wife and I count Jennifer as one of our great friends and know that she would stand up for us in any circumstance, as we would for her.

Dr. J. B. Williams
Northwest Florida Black Business
Investment Corporation (FBBIC)

Barney E. Spann
Technology Consultant

Jeff Camarda, CFP
Camarda Wealth Advisory Group
Chairman/Chief Investment Officer Excalibur Private Wealth™, Founder

I've known Jennifer Carroll for some 20 years, since she joined Rotary while still serving as a US Naval officer. In all that time – some several decades, now – she has constantly impressed me as a person not only of high moral character and selfless community involvement, but as an inspiring leader whom I have and would willingly follow. Jennifer's work ethics can only be described as laser-focused, and tireless. I consider myself an extremely productive person, but admit to constant astonishment when I see energy and hours she devotes to her many duties – all of them geared, in my experience, toward community betterment and public service. Not only does Jennifer put out the effort – she gets it done, and the results are extraordinary.

Jennifer is one of the most honorable people I know, and I am proud to know her. She has been utterly faithful in fulfilling her commitments, and I know no one whose word I'd value more. Jennifer is a beacon of good and light to us all, and I am grateful for her continuing friendship, and her leadership.

Matthew D. Ubben
Director of Legislative And Cabinet Affairs
Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs
July 16, 2001 – August 31, 2004

Frank Paciella
United States Navy

Kevin F. Delaney
Rear Admiral USN (Ret)

John Hartmangruber
US Navy Command Master Chief (Retired)

Terry A. Yonkers
Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Ret)

"I first met Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll in 2010 while serving as the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment, Energy, and Logistics. With six major Air Force bases located in the State of Florida, both Lt. Governor Carroll and Governor Scott made supporting our military a top priority - - and Jennifer had been assigned the primary role as military liaison for the State of Florida. This was a perfect "fit" since Jennifer had served over 20 years in the US Navy (in both the enlisted ranks and as an officer), was well acquainted with the Department of Defense and appreciated the personal sacrifices our military members and their families make every day they put on the uniform! Moreover, her experiences in state politics and her "can do" personality provided a unique expertise to get things done. "

Between 2010 and 2013, governor Carroll and I worked a diverse agenda of issues: the beddown of F-22s into Tyndall AFB, the expansion of the ship canal at Cape Canaveral, the improved off-ramp for Eglin AFB, the accelerated cleanup of contaminated sites at Tyndall AFB, launching electric vehicles and renewable energy projects at Hurlburt AFB, the expansion and compatible use of air space in southern Florida and integrated use of air space on the Florida panhandle. Every one of these tasks were successfully underway or completed by 2013 due to Jennifer's personal leadership, persistence, diplomacy, and dedication to find a "win/win" for both the military and all residents of Florida.

It's difficult to gauge the full impact Lt. Governor Carroll's achievements have had and will have, but what she did will arguably result in thousands of new jobs for Floridians and open up new and innovative opportunities and markets in areas such as transportation and renewable energy development across the state. Her leadership and undying support of our military has not only improved the quality of life of our military families, but created a very open and enviable relationship with commanders and senior leaders in the Pentagon that will solve problems and directly enhance our national defense.

Van Royal
Owner-Broker of Exit Magnolia Point Realty
Councilman City of Green Cove Springs
Board of Directors Clay County Economic Development Council

"I remember the Honorable Jennifer Carroll as a young Naval Officer and our first work together with the Clay County Chamber of Commerce. I went on to be the Chamber President and she went on to be the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Florida. I knew then that Ms. Carroll was someone special and someone I have continued to work with over close to 20 years.

Her passion for the families of our county and my home has been visible throughout her career in the Navy, the legislature and the Governor's office. I have had the chance to watch and work personally with Ms. Carroll along with Worksource Florida as she and the Governor help put into place programs to help those that lost their jobs in our county during the last recession and bring about job creation at a rate much greater than that of the nation.

Whether we needed someone to help with making a call to businesses to encourage them to come to our area or champion the expansion of Junior Achievement, Ms. Carroll always seemed to find the time to personally get involved.

I and the organizations I have been involved with have always found Ms. Carroll to be objective, supportive and honest in every instance. I would consider it an honor to address Ms. Carroll's character, work ethic or faith in our community and state but most importantly the faith she has shown in each of us as partners. "

Naomi Roberts Past President
Federated Republican Women of Clay
Past Secretary, Clay County Republican Party

"I have known Jennifer Carroll since 1996 when we worked together to get out the vote for the upcoming election that November. Jennifer always brings energy, enthusiasm and excitement to any project she works on. No one works harder than she does. We always called her "the Energizer Bunny" because she could go nearly 24 hours and always be as fresh and enthusiastic at the end of the day as she was at the beginning.

Jennifer abounds in solid good sense. She is grounded. She is a careful manager of money, both her own and that of any organization she works with. She is conservative in her personal life, raising her fine family, and in her political viewpoint.

I have always had the utmost confidence in Jennifer. She is a person of solid character. She has always commanded my trust and respect."

Valentina Williams
V&R Enterprise of Jacksonville, Inc.

"Jennifer Carroll is one of the most AMAZING women I know. She is very caring, honest and of very high integrity. I met Representative Carroll while she was serving as a Florida State Representative she who immediately embraced my goals to achieve higher heights in the business world. Her friendship and mentorship opened doors that enabled me to improve my small business. As Lieutenant Governor she never lost her roots, she often sought ways to help people advance. She was very inclusive of the entire State and helped increased opportunities for minorities. During a trade mission trip to South Africa, Lieutenant Governor Carroll gave a speech that was so inspiring. She opened her heart and life to us all and it was so inspirational and it motivated many business women and aspiring business women in attendance. I am very thankful for all she has done to help so many and some may never realize the impact of her work. Thank you for all you have done on behalf of others, God Bless YOU!!!!"

Barbara Howard
Trade and Travel Goodwill Ambassador to Kenya
Florida State Chair, Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.)

JENNIFER CARROLL: ANATOMY OF A HERO - I have been blessed to meet a lot of important people in the 7 decades of my life, but there are not many like Jennifer Carroll. She has blazed the trail for so many as she pushed the "glass ceiling" way beyond its boundaries.

But when one becomes the "first" in anything, they know what "no pain, no gain" really means. As she moved on up to the Florida Legislature and then to the Florida Governor's office, becoming the first Black Republican, the first Black female and the first Black military and business woman to overcome the racism, sexism and jealousy within the African American and the Anglo communities, Miss Jennifer left a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears on the floor.

But she handled it like a "true blue" lady. Her knowledge of the law, politics and business and the discipline and structure of the military made her one of the best I've seen – black, white, red, yellow or green. And as people tried to tear at her heart, they didn't understand that her integrity is beyond reproach.

She is a hero by any measure and any business, organization, corporation or governmental entity that enjoys the pleasure of having her as part of their family in any capacity will be blessed as well. God has truly given us one of his Angels in the form of Jennifer Carroll.

Judith W. Chappel

I first had the opportunity to meet Jennifer Carroll 14 years ago during her race for Congress. I was as gitty as a school girl the day I actually got to shake her hand. Jennifer was the validation of who I was as a Black, Republican female. She espoused and unapologetically articulated my beliefs and the beliefs of millions of other blacks who are afraid to stand proudly in their conservative beliefs for fear of repercussions. For me Jennifer was the full embodiment of the American Dream, and her story and her life became an inspiration to me.

Getting to know Jennifer Carroll personally is truly one of the many blessings of my life. I am amazed at the ease with which Jennifer can fulfill a variety of tasks. How she manages to get thirty hours out of a twenty-four hour day is truly amazing. I know her to be extremely organized, efficient, competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages, races and beliefs. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. No one can stir up the base and inspire a group of people like Jennifer. When she speaks you go from laughing, to crying, to standing on your chair, to picking up your weaponry ready to take the hill.

Jennifer's abilities, character and integrity are second to none. I have seen her on stage making speeches before thousands with presidential candidates, and other high level officials, and also at a small community luncheon with just a few likeminded conservatives. What I love and respect most about Jennifer is no matter where you see her, she has time to stop and say hello, give a hug or lend an ear to anyone who stops her. I have actually watched her poor husband take 20-30 minutes trying to get from the register to the front door of a local store because Jennifer will stop and speak to everyone. I truly appreciate that in her and her poor Nolan too.

I am a proud, live out loud unapologetic Black republican female, and without her ever knowing it Jennifer has been the "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Matt Justice, President
Reliant Florida, LLC
Republic Polling, INC (D.C.)

"Jennifer Carroll is one of the most brilliant public speakers I've had the privilege of listening to. She communicates timely information in a way that is realistic and easy to understand as well as inspirational. As a professional communication consultant who trains public officials on how to speak and present messages, I've gained much wisdom from Jennifer through the years.

As an adviser to her, I've had a unique vantage point to watch Jennifer's stellar career unfold beginning at her retirement as a U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander. During her appointment by Gov. Jeb Bush as the Executive Director of the state Veterans Affairs Department to her election to the Florida State House of Representatives, I've seen Jennifer innovate the way our government does business.

Because of her public talents, and reputation for streamlining the inner-workings of government, she was elected statewide to Florida's Lieutenant Governor. She carries on that legacy now into the private sector, where I know she will bring success to her affiliates in the corporate global marketplace. "

Edith Davidson
Soror, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

"I am proud to call Jennifer Carroll my friend and daughter. I met Jennifer and her wonderful husband Nolan twenty seven years ago. We got to know each other as neighbors and she and Nolan became our extended family. We watched her children from the first to the third. She entrusted us to be caregivers to her three children when she and her husband deployed for short periods of time. I watched her parent her children with love, affection, and pride. She nurtured them from infancy to young adults and throughout becoming educated professionals. She is extremely professional and dedicated not only to family, but whatever task given to her. She is a community organizer and a good Christian to her Lord. She went from being an enlisted person in the United States Navy to Officer, to working with the Veterans, and to becoming Lt. Governor of the great State of Florida. Whatever tasks given to her she does with great pride and fortitude. When I was sick, she not only came to see me, brought me food, but call when she was unable to visit. She never lets a holiday go by without calling or come to visit us when she can. She was instrumental in having a Veterans Cemetery erected in Jacksonville, Florida, and has done so many other things in the community too many to name. She is the type of person if asked to assist with any kind of help she'll do her best to get it done. While being on active duty in the United States Navy, she also took excellent care of her aging/ailing mother until her death. Jennifer is one in a million, a true and dedicated friend and person, a wonderful wife and mother, a true friend, and a child of God. "

Sharon B. Light, President
Republican Women's Club of Duval Federated

"I met Jennifer Carroll some years ago, when she had recently retired from the Navy. She was purchasing a business and was applying for the Duval County Occupational License. I was a Deputy License Inspector at the time and assisted her with her task. I was so impressed with her kind heart and integrity that we became acquaintances and later friends.

As I became more involved with politics, after retiring, our paths seem to cross more and more. We seemed to be working toward the same goals for American and Florida. As Lt. Governor, Jennifer was very instrumental in acquiring jobs for the State of Florida at our time of need. She was an outstanding Lt. Governor and I know she will be a huge success in whatever she does.

Jennifer spoke several times for The Republican Women's Club of Duval Federated and at several Tallahassee events that we attended. She is one of the most dynamic speakers and hardest working ladies that it has ever been my pleasure to know. She can motivate a room in a second.

I am proud to call Jennifer Carroll friend.

Dan Washburn
Springline Corp.
A Great Clips franchisee

"I was involved with then Florida Representative Jennifer Carroll for 3 years trying to reform the state's cosmetology statutes. The objective was to provide better protection for the citizens and also improved options for the cosmetology community. Jennifer was a tireless advocate for the 3+ years. She brought together cosmetology school owners, cosmetologists, salon owners, other legislators, lobbyists, as well as the public. Through her leadership, the coalition gained tremendous strength and momentum. We successfully got the legislation to the Governor's desk 2 years in a row. Unfortunately, Governor Crist vetoed the bill both times. I marvel at her dedication, persistence and principled ability to navigate the political waters. I will forever have a tremendous amount of respect for Jennifer and am honored to be associated with her."

Leslie Dougher
Chairman of the Clay County Republican Party
Chairman of the RPOF Chairman's Caucus

To whom it may concern:

Jennifer Carroll is an amazing leader. She has the ability to motivate and inspire the best out of those around her. As a State Representative Jennifer held herself to the highest of personal integrity and professionalism in all situations. Jennifer was an amazing advocate for her constituency, with a personal connection that was unmatched by her counterparts. She is a tremendous ambassador not only for the Republican Party but for women in politics and business leaders.

As Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer consistently displayed her dedication and commitment to seeing the State of Florida improve on a daily basis. She will continue to provide leadership in the future always placing others before herself.