George R. Jackow Sr.
Former Chairman of the Republican Party
in Osceola

A Testimonial by George R. Jackow Sr.

Where do I Begin? Well, as I recall I first encountered a vivacious, well-educated Florida legislative stateswoman identified as Jennifer Carroll at the Southern Leadership Conference in Miami, 2005! This fascinating individual was one of the guest speakers at the event. Her presentation was straight forward, filled with enthusiasm, articulated in such a manner that it stirred the emotion and stimulated the interest of those present at this political gathering. The positive outward impression and disposition of this outstanding speaker appeared to be contagious among the focused listeners. She literally held the crowd spellbound with her cogent remarks. Her uplifting spirituality, expertise, credentials and persona illuminated the stage sparking vigorous applause from the audience. Jennifer more than capably demonstrated her communication skills, her friendly down home personality and astute mental acumen. Upon concluding her performance, I was one of the fortunate onlookers introducing myself to her, complimenting what she stated in the way that moved the crowd. From this moment forward I engaged in a number of activities, meetings, events and projects whereby I had the distinct privilege of working with Jennifer Carroll in the political arena.

As time progressed I was able to notice and discern the positive attributes personified by Jennifer Carroll, namely, a warm, caring, down to earth person, respectful and knowledgeable in all human endeavors.

I followed her career as a legislator in the Florida State House of Representatives where she sponsored beneficial legislation encompassing a wide variety of issues and concerns, i.e., protecting members of Neighborhood Crime Watch from harassment; specialty license plate "Live the Dream", in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Proceeds went directly to a number of worthy organizations. Jennifer also procured needed funds for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. There is much more that could be said about her legacy to mankind, but I will stop here.

After serving in many capacities-Director of Florida Department of Veteran Affairs, Chairperson for Florida's Council on Homelessness, twenty year career in the United States Navy, appointment to President Bush's White House Presidential Scholar Commission and finally as Florida's Lieutenant Governor. The list of accomplishments, awards, recognitions and leadership positions are a tribute to a wonderful human being that makes a tremendous and significant difference in the lives of citizens and people from all walks of life.

When Jennifer Carroll was chosen to run for Lieutenant Governor I enlisted her to be the keynote speaker at the Republican Party of Osceola County Lincoln Day Dinner. Kudos and accolades emanated from the attendees regarding her eloquent speech and ability to speak from the heart.

It is my point of view that Jennifer Carroll has always been responsive to the needs of Floridians. Whenever a strong unequivocal voice was needed, she had the fortitude, backbone and gumption to stand for what was right, good, principled, honest and truthful. The application of the old cliché is appropriate when defining Jennifer Carroll---She talks the talk and walks the walk with dignity, kindness and respect. From a personal and professional standpoint I call Jennifer Carroll a gracious lady, humble human being, and a worthy friend who has garnered my respect and gratitude. It is indeed an honor to know her and retain/sustain her friendship and trust throughout the years. May God continue to bless her as a uniquely competent, dedicated being and a person of strong belief and faith!

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