Kevin F. Delaney
Rear Admiral USN (Ret)

"I have had the great pleasure of knowing Jennifer Carroll for more than 22 years. I first met Jennifer when I served as Commanding Officer of Naval Air Station Jacksonville (1989-1991) and she was serving as an aircraft maintenance officer. I returned to the base in 1995 as a Rear Admiral, in command of Navy Region Southeast, and continued to be impressed by Jennifer's enthusiastic and energetic approach to her every undertaking as well as her exceptional competence and impeccable moral character.

In fact, I was so impressed that I selected her to be my personal aide. Jennifer very capably performed a myriad of important tasks and represented me at numerous on base military meetings as well as at Board of Directors meetings in the Jacksonville community whenever it was not possible for me to attend. She performed exceptionally well across the board and made a most positive impression on everyone with whom she had contact. Her comments always added value to conversations and she possessed maturity and presence well beyond her years. She is the epitome of honor, strong commitment to her values and moral courage.

After her retirement from the Navy, after 20 years of honorable service, she elected to remain in Northeast Florida and to continue giving back to our community through uniformly exceptional public service. "

As Director of the Florida Department of Military Affairs, Jennifer served with great distinction and assisted countless veterans, military members and all of their families in a highly conscientious effort to make Florida the most military friendly state in our nation. She truly made a positive difference in the lives of many people.

As a state legislator, Jennifer continued to serve our community and state with distinction. She was instrumental in passage of several significant legislative initiatives. Frequently sought out as a guest speaker for events in our community, Jennifer consistently proved herself to be an excellent speaker with full grasp of a wide range of important community issues, many of which had a significant impact on veterans, members of our armed services and all of their families.

As Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer was determined to play an active role in cultivating positive improvement in our state across a wide swath of initiatives including Space Florida where she served as a driving force for development of this critical element of our state's economy. I also witnessed her hands on leadership and grasp of complex issues when we both served as members of the Florida Defense Support Task Force. Her leadership and knowledge in this critical element of Florida's economy truly made a very positive difference to the citizens of Florida.

Jennifer personifies the "American Dream". Immigrating to the United States from her native Trinidad as a young girl, she is the product of New York public schools. After graduation from high school, Jennifer wanted to give back to her adopted country and volunteered to enlist in the United States Navy as an aircraft mechanic. After continually impressing her superiors with her potential and with superior performance, she was selected to attend college in New Mexico. After her graduation from college, Jennifer received her commission as an officer in the Navy and steadily advanced in rank to Lieutenant Commander. She is a great credit to the United States Navy and to all of our military men and women.

On a personal note, for more than two decades, I have had the great pleasure of calling Jennifer a true friend. She is a wonderful mother and dedicated wife who exemplifies the strongest possible moral character. Her deep faith, honesty, character and commitment are all above reproach.

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