Frank Paciella
United States Navy

I have known Jennifer Carroll for over 24 years now. She is a very thoughtful and kind person. I first met her while we were both serving in the United States Navy. She was a very fine naval officer. I will always remember how she always thought of others; for instance while we were deployed to Spain a few of us in the Navy patrol squadron stayed behind in Spain while the rest of the squadron returned home. It was Christmas time we were away from our families for the holidays and then Lt Commander Jennifer Carroll was our Officer in Charge & while she was able to keep everything running smoothly she also found the time to have a surprise Christmas party for us, she planed and set up the whole thing and it helped with our morale while we were away from our families.

Also when she was the Executive Director of Florida Department of Veterans Affairs, when she found out that my wife was very ill due to a service connected disability and was not receiving any help from the VA for her condition and was getting worse by the day Jennifer was able to intervene and help my wife get the care she needed. I know that if Jennifer did not step in and help, my wife might not be alive today. That is how Jennifer is, if she can help someone she will. She is very personable and selfless and she puts others before herself.

When Jennifer was elected as a state representative she never lost sight of why she was elected. She never let the title or the job go to her head like numerous people do, she was Jennifer Carroll in a position who helped make the state of Florida & the lives of people in the state of Florida better, and to help wherever she could. I always kept in touch with Jennifer and we would talk about our families and how they were doing. When Jennifer was elected Florida LT Governor she was the same Jennifer who always looked out for others doing what she was elected to do and never wavered.

Throughout the years of knowing Jennifer I can sum it all up really quickly, she is a great friend whom my family and I think of her and her family as our family. She is a very compassionate, loving and selfless person who holds her Christian values dear to her heart and is a very loyal friend, coworker, public servant, person and we think the world of her.

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