John Hartmangruber
US Navy Command Master Chief (Retired)

"I've known Jennifer Carroll professionally since we were stationed together in 1989. We were assigned to the Maintenance Department of a P-3 Orion squadron home ported in Jacksonville, Florida. We provided support for nine aircraft and routinely deployed to Bermuda, Iceland, Lajes Field in the Azores, and Rota Spain. Operational tempo was normally high and Jennifer always kept a professional attitude even during the stressful times when aircraft maintenance occasionally fell behind schedule. She always showed great resourcefulness in rearranging department workloads to help the maintenance department get back on track so aircraft could fly the required missions.

We were again assigned together while assigned to the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida. During that period Jennifer was assigned as the Quality Assurance Officer at the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department while I was assigned as the Command Master Chief of the Naval Air Station. I always made it a point to talk with both the senior and junior enlisted Sailors during my tours of the command spaces. Every Sailor assigned to work for and with Jennifer commented that she was a firm and fair Naval Officer and they would be proud to serve with her at any command. Each of them felt that Jennifer was genuinely concerned for their professional and personal welfare. To be held in such high regard by her Sailors makes a great statement about Jennifer's integrity and great character."

Since retiring from the Navy Jennifer and I have crossed paths socially from time to time. I've followed her busy career as a Florida State Representative and as the Florida Lieutenant Governor. I can say that she has continued to impress me with her professional demeanor and is always willing to help someone in need regardless of her hectic schedule.

Occasionally a few fellow retired Sailors get together for lunch in the area to catch up with each other's lives. Jennifer brings a welcome smile to those meetings and always shows that the core values of the Navy. Honor, Courage, and Commitment are still very much with her in her everyday life.

I would be proud to be a part of any endeavor Jennifer is also a part of.

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