Clarence V. McKee, Esq.
President, McKee Communications, Inc.

From her outstanding career in the Navy and dedicated public service as a member of the Florida Legislature and as Lt. Governor of the State of Florida, Jennifer Carroll’s life can be characterized as representing selfless commitment and dedication the principles and causes she believes in. Whether it be assuring that Florida’s space industry remains vibrant, bringing more jobs to Florida, increasing business and employment opportunities for women and minorities, fighting for diversity and broadening the base of the Republican Party, or creating scholarship and educational opportunities for Black students, Jennifer Carroll has been there, done that, and will undoubtedly do even more. She served this nation with distinction for 20 years, battled the good old boy network in politics and government and often was the only Black paving the way. A few of her accomplishments in that regard:

Worked for continued funding of historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU’s); Securing funding for the Black Business Investment Corporation (BBIC’s)to increase the state’s Black business pool; and, Utilized her influence to prevent vetoes for FAMU’s pharmacy in Crescent City and other programs impacting Black Floridians.

As Chair of Space Florida she aggressively pursued opportunities to secure and grow a wide variety of space and aerospace-related ventures in Florida. In the international area, she headed trade missions to South Africa and Trinidad with the objective to promote better trade relations and bring more jobs to Florida.

Her military background became an asset as she coordinated military affairs and defense issues for the state. She worked closely with Congress and the Pentagon to ensure that Florida received its fair share of funds and programs; establishing close working relationships with military officials to assure that Florida's installations were on the forefront at the Pentagon. A main goal and priority was to ensure that Florida was in a position to gain more missions and personnel.

In all of the above and countless other accomplishments too numerous to list, Jennifer Carroll has been and continues to be an outstanding American and individual and is a credit to her family, state, country and whatever venture or position she assumes.

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