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  • September 16, 2019

    The recent attack on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's oil production plant was a drone aerial strike, reportedly utilizing Iranian weapons. In one day these drone strikes disrupted about half of the kingdom's oil capacity - that's about 5% of the daily global oil supply.

    It was stated that the attacks had not been launched from Yemen, home of the Houthi rebel faction that has claimed responsibility. Well if not from the rebels who? And if not from Yemen where?

    The drones were made somewhere and by someone unknown; therefore, whoever these people are they have the technology and now they know it works.

    The greater concern for the United States and many western nations should be how vulnerable is any country for attacks on their energy producing facilities.

    Drone attacks can now take over the severity of any potential nuclear threat from North Korea or Iran. Drones can be launched and controlled from any part of the world and can be assembled anywhere.

    What if this successful attack on the Saudi's oil plants was a test to either see how far reaching the drones will go and also to gauge its impact? How then can the United States and any other self-sustaining western nation successfully protect their vulnerable energy production or supplies?

    A drone can be deployed with no warning of its launch and or impending impact to destroy energy grids simultaneously. If a catastrophe like this occurs on U.S. soil, there will be havoc for: the stock market, all forms of electronic communications, work force interrupted, education systems will come to a halt, communities will incur severe safety issues, family's quality of life as we know it will be impacted and the list goes on. It will take years to recoup or rebuild from an impact such as this. This devastation will make taking off your shoes at the airport look like a walk in the park.

    While Democrats spend precious time and tax payer resources hunting down President Trump's tax returns and chasing the rabbit of Russian collusion, their priorities should shift to working with Republicans to create proper strategic measures that will enforce protections such as an iron dome around U.S. energy production facilities and electrical grids to guard against any drone penetration.

    This country elected our nation's leaders to lead and solve our biggest problems. This drone penetration that shut down 5% of the oil production in Saudi Arabia without notice should be a wakeup call to our nation's leaders to get their focus on the major issues at hand and do the work necessary to defend and protect America and her citizen's against all enemies.

    Jennifer S. Carroll

    Lieutenant Commander, USN (Ret.)

    Former Lieutenant Commander

    Maggie's List PAC National Spokesperson

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