• Carroll's Corner article for February


  • Since the beginning of time women have been the glue that keeps families and societies together. After all, without a woman humans would cease to exist. Women bring special and unique qualities and experience to a multitude of things especially to the work force.

    Although in the 21st century women have excelled in many professions, there is still much advancement that’s needed. The old debate related to the equal pay gap has closed quite a bit; however, equality and the undermining by the good old boy system remains.

    I don’t believe that there is an institution that has a structure of true pay equality and fairness in upward mobility than the military. Yet during my time in the military I personally experienced the wrath of the good old boy system that undermined the work of women. With the many rules put in place, I am sure things have changed, but from time to time we still see reports where women are experiencing harassment in the military.

    The talents of women should be seen as complementary and recognized as valuable, important and needed in our male dominant world. Women’s diversity in thought, experience, and innate abilities are complementary to any organization. The higher in rank position a woman acquires the greater the perceived threat from males. Male counterparts should not feel any more threatened by women in the work place. The working relationships with women should be embraced and appreciated. Women should not feel they need to suppress their qualities and qualifications to please their male counterparts. Don’t act like men to fit in, the best way to achieve success as a woman is to be yourself.

    There have been many women who paved the way by battling many laws and rules that oppressed women. Because of their hard work society changed, mentality changed, policy changed and a clear path was made to make the journey much easier for women to ascend.

    Women should not be afraid to showcase their talents and intelligence, because their excellence will emanate where it cannot be ignored. The skills, talents, flexibility, and forward thinking acumen that women possess are attributes for the professional world and for this, women should embrace their God given gifts and use them to achieve higher heights.

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