• Carroll's Corner article for February


  • Make America great again has had an appeal to a majority of Americans, black and white alike who feel that the county's national leaders have forsaken them. In recent years we've had an economy that's sluggish and just limping along with only a 1.2% growth rate. By accounts from most economists, this low growth rate is certainly one that will not make or keep the greatness in America.

    Donald Trump uses the phrase "Make America Great" as the capstone of his campaign. He has explained what his vision is for America. He's explained that his vision of greatness is one where poor children have a chance for a quality education, where disadvantaged communities that have been neglected sees economic growth, where families will be empowered with the necessary resources to plan for a better future and where America takes her place back on the world front to lead from a position of strength. Although Mr. Trump has succinctly laid out this vision, Hillary and Bill Clinton continue to distort Mr. Trump‘’s view of America's greatness, saying that Donald Trump wants to send black people back to slavery. I can only summarize that the personal view of the Clinton's greatness of America is a time of slavery and Jim Crowe. If that is the case, I find their view very troubling. In her campaign speeches Hillary states that she too want America to be great. If that is the case does that mean she wants blacks to sit in back of the bus again and be suppressed as they were during the days of the person she called her friend and mentor the late Ku Klux Klan leader Senator Robert Byrd?

    With former President Bill Clinton signing the crime bill in 1994, that contributed to longer jail sentencing for blacks, that some in the Black Lives Matter movement have blamed caused more black males to be incarcerated than any other demographic, and Hillary calling blacks predictors, along with the Clintons wanting us to buy into their version of what Mr. Trumps vision of a great America is; then by their own definition I can't help but infer that they do not wish black America well. If my take is correct, this view of both Bill and Hillary Clinton should be very troubling to all Americans.


    Jennifer Carroll

    Former Lieutenant Governor

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