Jennifer Carroll’s presentations are straight forward, filled with enthusiasm, articulated in such a manner to stimulate the interest of the audience. She is dynamic, inspiring, positive, warm, energetic, and informative.

Jennifer’s life experience adds depth to her topics and shows audiences how to overcome their challenges to tap into their inner strength.

“I designed these series to be inspiring, motivating and uplifting. I truly believe with those components, anything is possible for those who want to do better.”-Jennifer Carroll

Motivational, Inspirational, Business and Family Keynotes and Workshops

The Diamond Speaking Series

Each series is targeted towards diverse audiences with different goals.

Diamonds Among Us

This series is specifically geared towards women’s conferences, veterans and parents. Jennifer’s words of enlightenment can help these diamonds among us realize their inner strengths and how to use them to reach their fullest potential.

Diamonds In Industry

Diamonds in the Industry speaking series was created for the individuals who are currently in the industry of business, military or trade, who would like to improve efficiency and productivity by improving leadership, creativity and business skills.

Diamonds In The Workplace

The most important information for those in the workforce, both men and women, is discussed in this series. Diamonds in the workplace was designed to help interact with business individuals who are stuck at a particular crossroad and need motivation to seek the right path.

Diamonds Days

The series is targeted toward moments in time: Black History, Women's History, Memorial, or Veterans Day.

Diamonds Under Pressure: Anything Is Possible

This is for the employee, management, parents and adults, as well as young women. This series allows confidence building during the trails of life.

Speaking topics are customizable to the audience
Speaking Topics

Defense * Military *Veterans
Space and Aerospace
Women * Women in the Workplace
Balancing Life
Inspirational * Spiritual
Leadership * Business * Trade
Motivating your Employees
Politics * Government