About The Book

When You Get There,
is an Amazon Bestseller
Jennifer Carroll talks about her experiences with adversities. In sections of the book she shares her story of the struggles of being a woman and a Black person ascending in ranks in the military; putting up with the good old boy network in the military and in politics, racism, and dealing with sexism, being adopted, her faith, losing a baby, the struggles of balancing her life being a wife, mother, professional woman and having the responsibility to take care of her elderly parents who both suffered Alzheimer’s disease, and other health issues. Being in that sandwich generation was difficult for Jennifer, but also rewarding to have the ability and strength to provide the assistance they needed during a critical time in their life. In her political career she had to overcoming media false information (character assassination) and the back stabbing in the political world and surviving through it because of the strength of her faith and strong family support. The book climbed to #1 of the Amazon top 100 Bestselling books in Women and Business and Hot New Releases categories, and to #5 on the Amazon Kindle’s list of Women in Politics and Women and Business. When You Get There is a motivational and inspirational book; it’s about empowerment and achievement, betrayal, triumph of the human spirit, politics; conflicts and atonement, family, parenting; sacrifice and friendships tested, overcoming adversity and tragedy. Jennifer wants the reader to walk away after reading this book to be empowered to stand on their own two feet and be motivated to press on.